9 Easy Bike Cleaning Tips For Every Rider

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It is highly advised to know some motor bike cleaning tips in order to have a sweet looking ride. Mastering the proper cleaning habits might just save your bike from unwanted damages caused by the elements. So, read the tips below before even grabbing the hose!

Prepping Before Cleaning

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Perhaps this is the hardest part of the cleaning process because you have to get out all of the materials to get the job done. Start by removing any valuables in your U-box or saddlebags, to ensure it won’t get wet once the cleaning starts.

Where And When To Wash

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Be sure that your ride has enough time to cool down before even wetting it for the wash. Instead of going to the car wash, why not do it in front of your house? Doing so will save you the pressure of rush cleaning. Moreover, you’ll get to choose the right cleaning agent that’s best for your motor bike.

Cleaning Chrome And Bare Metal

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Chrome requires some chrome polisher to keep it shiny and looking new. You can probably blow off most stains using a chamois, but when dealing with plastic chrome an appropriate cleaner might be the best idea. Following this rule will prevent any metal corrosion.

Handling High Pressure Cleaning

High pressure cleaning from the hose is highly recommended in order to effectively remove dirt and grime. However, don’t point it directly at your stickers in order to prevent any unwanted peeling. Aside from that, keep the high-pressure away from chains, and other fragile components to avoid rusting.

The Material’s You’ll Need

Using random pieces of rags might be damaging on your ride. Therefore, it’s best to invest to a dedicated cleaning cloth in order to be proper. The right ones are made of a soft fabric that is guaranteed spotless cleaning.

Picking The Proper Cleaner

It is also important to invest on a dedicated cleaner that is safe for your bike’s paint and vinyl. By doing so, it will help preserve your bike’s appearance and always make it look newly-purchased. After all, your bike’s plastic and metal parts demand an effective cleaner.

About The Leather

It’s wise to say to leave no stone unturned. Remove the saddlebags and other leathery pieces for an effective cleaning procedure. Also, some leather requires a specific leather cleaner, so be sure to be ready about it.

Do The Dry

A lint-free cloth or chamois can do the trick. However, such rags can easily pick up grit and fragments if you happen to drop it on the ground by accident. That’s why you should always have a spare in your cleaning materials. Also, don’t forget to do the drying quickly so that water won’t have a chance to dry cause streaks.

Finishing Off With Wax

A shiny motorcycle is pleasing to the eye. So, don’t forget to add finishing touches after drying it up. Adding wax will provide some additional layer of protection against the elements.

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