A Beginner Guide On How To Use Bike Gears

how to use bike gears

If you are new to the world of cycling, using gears can be a daunting task. There are many people who do not know about bike gears, how many gears are there, how to use them, and many more concepts about the use of the gears. The concept of using gears can be difficult and you might need some help the first few times. Bikes have gears so that you can easily pedal anywhere and so that your rides become better. It also helps you to bike anywhere you go and on any terrain without any difficulties. If you want to know how to use bike gears, we have the perfect guide for you. With this guide, you will learn how to use bike gears and everything about the gears.

What determines the number of bike gears you have?

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The number of gears is a simple multiplication of the number of sprockets that are there in the bike and the chainrings that are there in the front. The mathematics is simple if there are ten sprockets in the bike with a triple chainring, it is a 30-speed set-up. Therefore, the ten sprockets can be used with any of the three chainrings. A similar rule applies to a bike with two chainrings and eleven sprockets.

Why do you need gears on a road bike?

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This is a question that people ask often and the answer is that it helps you to use your bike on any terrain. You can pedal comfortably without too much effort with the help of the gears.

How To Use Gears Properly?

Low Gear: You have to use this gear when you approach a climb so that it becomes easier for you to pedal. Switch down to this combination of gears so that you can climb the hill with ease and less effort. You have to use the small chainring with the largest sprockets.

Middle Gear: This is the gear that you have to use when you are cycling on a simple terrain which is a flat surface with no climb. When you use this gear, you will encounter some resistance but not a lot. If there is a climb up and down the road, then you change the rear gear to remain steady. For this gear, you use the small chainring on double or the middle chainring on a triple and the middle sprockets.

High Gear: You have to use this gear when you descend, accelerate, or want to go fast on flat terrain. In this gear, you will cover a long way with just one turn of the pedal. For this you use, the big chainring and the smallest sprockets.


These are the simple rules on how to use bike gears and you can follow them easily. It is essential that you practice how to use bike gears so that you do not fall or use the wrong gears. Also, it is essential that you practice on some easy terrain first and then take your bike out on some rocky and difficult terrain. Cycling is a great exercise and it helps you get rid of any knee pain and also helps you reduce weight and get fitter. There are many cycles with gears available in the market and you can buy one to maintain your health.

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