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best cycling app

One of the most useful additions to any cyclist’s saddle is a cycling app which integrates with their GPS devices to keep them up to date about the places they are on the bike and the road surface as well. However, there are a number of different apps which are available and some of them may be better than others. Some of the most important points to keep in mind when shopping for the best cycling app are listed below.

Tracking Activities

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There are many different bike apps available, so you should consider the features which you are likely to use. The best cycling app fitness program will allow you to plan out your rides using maps, and it will track all your activity, including speed and heart rate, giving you the data you need to ensure you get the most from your workouts. Many of these apps also have the ability to upload your workouts so you can review them at any time. You can also keep up with other cyclists and their biking adventures by keeping an updated and accurate blog with photos and tips about your rides. Many of these cycling fitness programs also include a feature which lets you connect with other cyclists via social networks, so once you have your own blog, you can share tips and track your progress with your friends.

Workout Commute

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If you like to cycle often but cannot always find the time to get out your door to commute to the gym, a good app will allow you to track your workouts and get the information you need straight to your palm. One of the best cycling app fitness programs has a feature called Free iOs, which allows you to sign in to a site and customize your workout routines using its uniquely designed interface. When you are at the program, the app tracks everything you do, providing you with a detailed overview of your session and allowing you to view your stats over multiple days. You can also track the amount of miles you have covered and average speed during your session. In addition, the Free iOs app tracks your calories, which is important data that should be monitored as part of any bicycling exercise program.


As we know, Zwift is the best cycling app for the iPhone and is currently available for free on the App Store. The iPhone version includes many additional features that make it a better value than other similar programs. The iPhone version allows you to not only track your workouts but also keep tabs on the miles you cover, the speed you ride at various points along your route, and even track your heart rate. The iPhone version even comes equipped with a calorie estimator and can connect with your Zwift account to calculate how many calories you could potentially burn on any given day. To further increase efficiency, the phone also integrates with the Zwift online community to let you receive tips and advice from other users and use social networking tools on the site to see what the latest recommendations are.


Like Zwift, the most complete and top cycling apps for the iPhone are now available for free on the App Store. Cycleplans, by CycXycles, is the most complete app for the iPhone and is an essential component of any serious cyclist’s training program. With the ability to customize your rides through the Bike Planner, the iPhone app lets you plot the perfect route for your next ride. Once you have your route selected, you can then preview the route on the map, add time (distance) to beat the clock and view your stats throughout the ride. This is a great way to avoid traffic and plan a route that will get you to your destination on time. In addition, the iPhone app lets you track your stats throughout the ride including miles covered, average speed, total distance, calories burned, difficulty level, number of hills and other factors to help you optimize your performance.


For Android users, there is now an official Google Android app that is available for all smartphones running the Android KitKat 4.3 platform. Google recommends using the Google+ Android app for cyclists since most of the features work cross platform. For example, sharing routes with others or accessing the Google Maps application from your phone are both supported. The Google+ Android app allows you to share photos on your status or track your progress for upcoming events on your schedule.

Great Features

One of the newest in-depth cycling apps for the iPhone is strava. The iPhone version supports several different activities, including a detailed tour of the United States and Canada. You can also get your strava account updated with the most recent maps and plans. The ability to customize your rides gives you more freedom to plan your trips the way that makes the most sense for you as a cyclist.

Wrapping Up

The best cycling apps offer so much more than just a basic biking timer. The best ones let you customize your rides, track them, plan future rides, and even download your workouts to your phone or play a recording of your best rides online. They encourage you to be accountable for your own fitness, and help you connect with other local cyclists and get to know new places you might not have explored otherwise. Find out which cycling apps can really help you improve your riding routine.

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