Biking Tips For Long-distance Rides

biking tips for long distance rides

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned veteran, there’s nothing quite like the thrill you get after hitting long biking tips for long-distance rides. Pushing the two-hour mark is a considerable feat that deserves to be celebrated for any avid biker.

Use Your Pedaling Power Wisely

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Isn’t it true that you’re eager to put the kilometers behind you? You understand how difficult it is to keep your excitement in check. You can’t go full throttle right away if you want your legs to last. On a lengthy bike ride, you should concentrate on keeping in an adequate gear that allows you to maintain a consistent cadence and effort input.

Fuel Well And Often

It’s critical to think about nutrition and hydration before starting a long bike ride if you want to stay strong throughout the trip. The amount of fluid you drink will vary depending on the temperature and level of exertion, but you should aim to drink one bottle every hour. You can add something to the water if you want, but your body requires H2O to maintain a sustained effort. It would help if you also ate at regular intervals throughout the ride, maybe every 20 minutes or so.

Keep Your Pre-ride Meal Carb-heavy And Easy To Digest

While a plate of bacon and eggs might be just what the doctor ordered for a post-ride recovery lunch, you should ease up on the protein and fats before setting out. They both take a little longer to digest and can add to your body’s workload. Fill up on nutritious grains and fruit before you ride to replenish your glycogen levels.

Make Segments, Your Friend.

It’s helpful to break your trip down into more manageable portions because the mental barrier of taking on a long bike ride might be the better part of the battle (more on that below). Working on each piece separately will keep you focused and prevent you from being overwhelmed. Prepare a strategy for each part and be open to change your objectives as needed. Everyone’s legs fail them now and then, and there’s no shame in returning to the drawing board.

Focus On Rpms And Cut Yourself Some Slack

Hills and winds can be allies or adversaries, but it’s critical not to lose your calm when they band together to attack you. Keep in mind that sustaining RPMs is more important than speed. When dropping as many gears as you need to keep the wheels turning, don’t be afraid to do so. Remind yourself that the wind will arrive at your back in no time to assist you.


Even if you have a “moderate” level of fitness, there’s no reason you can’t do a longer ride, provided you plan a sensible route and prepare appropriately. Here are some tried-and-biking tips for long-distance rides recommendations to help you feel more at ease when heading out.

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, there’s nothing quite like the euphoria you experience after crushing a long bike ride. A rite of passage for any avid cyclist, pushing that two-hour mark is a significant accomplishment that warrants celebration. Like many cycling milestones, though, it can be an intimidating undertaking to pursue. It shouldn’t be off-limits, though, even to beginners

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