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mini bike frame kit

Description. Taco 22 mini bike frame kit consists of high quality and stylish frames that can be used for racing mini bikes. It is a one piece frame design. It has been designed to fit the exact specification of the model of Honda Mini motorcycles. The kit is made from the highest grade of aluminum and is finished with a powder coat for ultimate detailing.

Taco 22 mini bike frame kit and forks are jig welded together and are extremely durable and can be completed and installed with minimal mechanical ability and common sense. Taco 22 mini bike frame kit comes as a complete metal frame with full engine mount plate, headlight housing, side skirts, scrub bar, rear hub caps, upper and lower forks, hub bearing set, front wheels with spindle and valve stems, oil filled disc brake calipers, and passenger foot pegs.

The frame kit also includes a front fender and mud flaps, handlebars, and a leather covered saddle. There are also brackets and mounting hardware to help secure the bike to your floor.


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The instructions include detailed information on how to install the forks and the mini bike frame kit. There are also numerous videos that show you exactly how to complete the installation process. The kit has been designed so that it is compatible with the majority of models of Honda motorcycle engines.

Does it work? – Yes it does! The forks work with the front and rear shocks. They also work with the standard version tires. It is very easy to install. There is no need for any expertise in this project.

How Much Does It Cost?

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This depends on the part you purchase and how many mini bike parts you buy. A complete kit will usually cost more than just the front forks. If you are looking for just one or two parts, like sprockets or chains, then the cost is significantly lower.


Individual parts are very expensive and the process of linking them together is time consuming. Also, most bike stores do not sell bike frames individually anymore as they have become so popular. In contrast, bike stores only sell bike frames.

If you ride a bike with standard forks then you are likely to have problems with your suspension. Newer designs use better technology to provide better suspension. The shock absorbing ability will also be increased. The shock absorption can also be improved by installing a stronger fork.

Will Your Budget Allow For Custom Painting

It is very expensive to buy a ready-made bike frame. You can also paint your bike if you are careful about choosing the right color. If you are just starting out then you may want to buy a simple frame and paint it yourself later. You will be able to make the bike look just like a pro.

For many people a full suspension system is better. However, most full-suspension bikes are very heavy. They may be too uncomfortable for many people to ride regularly. Therefore if you do not mind spending more money then you should consider buying a mini bike frame kit.

Can You Upgrade To A Carbon Fork For Your Bike?

If you ride a classic mountain bike then it would probably be a good idea to get a carbon fork for your next upgrade. This will help you to reduce the weight that you add to your bike as well as improve your suspension. A mini bike frame kit cannot do this. Carbon forks can make your bike lighter and stiffer without adding extra weight.

What Is A Mini Bike Frame Kit

A mini bike frame kit is a plastic kit which you install over your existing bike. It is designed to make your bike look like the real thing but you do not need to change the bike’s frame. Instead all you need to do is install the new plastic parts. It is also easy to install and remove so you can use it on any type of bike, not just mountain bikes.

Do I Need A Professional To Fit It For Me?

No, you can fit it yourself using a little bit of DIY knowledge. A little bit of sandpaper and some paint can do the job in no time. However, if you are not confident or you do not feel you can fit it yourself then you can take it to your local bike shop to have it fitted for you.

Bottom Line

The staff at your local bike shop will be able to advise you on what size and type of bike frame kit to buy for your particular bike. Alternatively you could also take it to your nearest DIY store to have the kit fitted.

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