Gravel Biking Tips to Keep Safe and Enjoy Your Rides

gravel biking tips

There is so many Gravel Biking Tips that it is really hard to know where to start. It seems like every Tom, Dick and Harry can write a new one about how awesome their new trick or piece of equipment is. Before you spend all of the money on your new gravel bike, why not learn a few simple things that will make a huge difference in how well you ride? Gravel biking is quickly becoming one of the most popular forms of off road cycling and any newbie is sure to benefit from the tips and tricks listed below.

The first thing that all Gravel Bikes should have is a chain. Nothing makes a dirt bike look more “street” than having a chain that does not connect to the rear wheel. Even though it may look cool to go fast on a big “rock” when riding your Gravel Bike, you will most likely not get very far. Your chainset should connect to the rear wheel because it helps the chain stay in line and it helps keep the bike’s suspension system up, making it much easier to control.

Gravel Biking Tips

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Next, it is important to choose your gravel bike frame carefully. Because these bikes are more “explosive” than other road bikes, they can be prone to dents in the frame. Although most gravel bikes are sold with plastic frames, it is still a good idea to double check. After all, you never know what may happen while out on the trail.

The next thing that you need to check before you buy your new gravel bike is its tires. You are probably going to need to replace them after awhile. Since gravel riding is all about getting off the trails and going fast, you will probably be going over rocks and logs a lot. Your tires will be forced to go through these rocks and logs at high speeds, causing small tears in them. This is where some rubber tires would be beneficial, especially if you live in an area where ice and snow accumulate more often than not.

Another gravel biking tip that will save you money is to go with wider tires. By having narrower tires, you will probably lose control of your bike when going over rocks and logs. On the other hand, wide tires are easier to maneuver and can absorb shock better, giving you better control when you hit the dirt.

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If you do plan on buying a gravel bike, make sure that you take a test drive. Many gravel bike retailers allow you to take a few rides around their shop before you buy the bike. This is a great way to make sure that you are going to be happy with your purchase. Just make sure that you try it out first before you buy!

In addition to buying the best bike for your money, you also need to make sure that you are protected when riding your gravel bike. A helmet is a very important accessory that you should not skimp on. If you don’t have a helmet, you can invest in one that is designed for off road riding. This way, if you do get into trouble, you won’t have much of a problem since your head will be protected.

Bottom Line

These gravel tips will help you have a safer time enjoying your new machine. So get out there and explore some of the wonderful trails that are right outside of you. You never know what you will find! And make sure to bring along a water bottle! It won’t hurt to stop for a break and catch your breath.

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