How To Fix Bike Gears Without Any Hassles – Basics For Beginners

how to fix bike gears

Whichever bike you ride, you can’t escape the role of gears. There are several bike components, but the gear is a mechanical requirement on the bike, enabling you to speed up on the level and straight roads. It also offers you the opportunity to ride on challenging roads. Learning how to adjust gear on your bike will make you praise your bike quickly and effortlessly, irrespective of the location on which you drive. By using perfect bike gears, your ride will be more comfortable. And for this reason, knowing how to fix bike gears is essential. This article discusses how to fix bike gears without any hassles.

How To Fix Bike Gears Basics

The gear bikes support chainrings at the front. This may be the amount of one or a few. The rings are placed on the pedal’s wrench arm. Additionally, about seven to twelve gears are linked to the rear wheel or so-called cassette. We will need many things to repair the gears of bicycles. You must check that the chain is not bent.

How To Fix Bike Gears

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1. Lift your bike on a bike stand off the surface. You must be able to turn the wheels without turning the bike quickly. For this, a bike stand is perfect. If you don’t have it in your home, ask your neighbors, or buy it from the store. We can also turn the bike around more. But In case you do this, you must know that you should reverse the bearing under the proper guidance. The seat can also be balanced.

2. In the next step, you need to find the derailleur. The derailleur is a device that adjusts your gear manually and holds your chain. One derailleur is connected to the cassette on the rear wheel, and another derailleur is close to the pedals. You have to make sure that there is no mud, leaves, or sticks in the derailleur or gears, and if there are some, you must cleanse them properly. The rear derailleur is the most complicated unit, including the derailleur, arm, and one or two litter gears through which the chain is threaded. This arm is pulled by a link, which enables the chain to switch gears. The front derailleur is connected to your bike’s casing and consists of the two destructive plates that maintain the chain on each gear in turn. Test each gear to evaluate your changing problems.

3. In this step, you have to find the cable adjusters. This cable adjusts small changes to the derailleur’s links that will allow you to enhance your motion subtly.

Continue The Procedure

4. Now you have to shift to the gear which has a problem. Change your gear until you find a problem. Pause switching the gear when you rectify the problem.

5. Get your cable adjuster off at this stage if the chain does not go down. If your gears have trouble adjusting, loosen the cable adjuster at this point by rotating it in a clockwise direction. Switch the adjuster till the right gear falls into the chain.

6. Return to the low gear and move back here and there rapidly. If the problems have been well managed, push the bike gears so that each system can adjust the derailleur successfully.

7. Finally, take a short practice trip to find any other problems. The bike will continue to be under your weight from time to time. Ride the bike and tear through all gears in a parking garage or driveway. Take note of any problems and adjust the cables in the same way.


How to fix bike gears can be challenging, but if you follow the steps carefully, you can fix the gears of any bike effortlessly.

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