How To Get A Perfect Bike Using Bike Frame Sizing Chart

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It’s the most frequently asked question about what bike size one should go for. If you are someone who is challenging with the same problem then we can ease you with some solutions and detailed size charts. Have good research before buying one for yourself. As sizes can play a huge role and different experiences with your bike. It’s very important to have your measurements done properly before selecting the perfect size. Measure the length of your leg inseam from ground to crotch. Keep your feet apart while being straight or you can also keep them together. Now, divide the measured length (Cm) with 22.54.

Bike Framing Sizing Chart :

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Note down what kind of bike you need. There are numerous varieties of bikes like road bikes, mountain bikes, men’s and women’s bikes along with some other manufacturers. Every one of them has their unique performance. Always keep in mind your height and ability to ride a bike. Height and measurement can lead to you finding your best pair. Here are some different size chart – 


HEIGHT                              SIZE BY INCH                            NORMAL  SIZE

4’10”-5’2”.                         47cm-48cm.                                 XX-Small

5’2”-5’6”.                           49cm-50cm.                                 X-Small

5’3”-5’6”.                           51cm-53cm.                                 Small

5’6”-5’9”.                           54cm-55cm                                  Medium (M)

5’9”-6’0”.                           56cm-58cm.                                 Large

6’0”-6’3”.                           58cm-60cm.                                X-Large

6’3”-6’6”.                           61cm-63cm.                                XX-Large


HEIGHT                             SIZE BY INCH.                                   NORMAL SIZE

4’10”-5’2”.                           13 to 14.                                           X-Small

5’2”-5’6”.                              15 to 16.                                          Small

5’6”-5’10”.                            17 to 18.                                         Medium

5’10”-6’1”.                           19 to 20.                                           Large

6’1”-6’4”.                              21 to 22.                                         X-Large

6’4”-6’6”.                              22 to 24.                                         XX-Large


BIKE FRAME (INCHES)                                           HEIGHT

13-15 inches                                                          4-11”-5’3”

15-16 inches.                                                         5’3”-5’7”

16-17inches.                                                          5’7”-5’11”


19-21 inches.                                                          6’2”-6’4”                                       

Size Chart For Small Children’s Bike 

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AGE.                                HEIGHT IN CM.                    LEG INSEAM.                   SIZE OF  BIKE TIRE 

2.                                         85-90 Cm.                             85-90 Cm.                              10”

3-4.                                     90-100Cm.                            35-42Cm.                               12”

4-5.                                    100-110 Cm.                         40-50Cm.                                14”

5-6.                                    110-115Cm.                          45-50Cm.                                16”

6-8.                                    115-120Cm.                          50-60Cm.                                18”

7-9.                                    120-135Cm.                           55-63Cm.                               20”

9-11.                                135-145Cm.                           60-72Cm.                                 24”

11-14.                             145Cm+.                                  72Cm and above.                   26”

What Changes Can You Do If You Have Got A Wrong Sized Bike? 

 If you are having a small bike then your measurement. You can longer saddle post with the right diameter. Move your saddle set a little backward for more comfort. Stems are also very important if you have placed them on the wrong angle, check and adjust the angle along. While talking about the big bike size. You can manage to get a shorter stem and shorter seat post. Even a small inch can change the whole war around. You can also slide your saddle a little forward to get a better reach. From managing these you will not have to buy a new bike or you won’t have to face any type of difficulty as well. 


There are many consequences if you don’t get your perfect sized bike framing. It’s very important to get the size perfect for your measurement. It can prevent you from injuries and health issues too. Along with uncomfortable feeling, the wrong size can also cause back pain, knee pain, and other body aches. If the size is too big or too small then it can also cause road accidents or injuries. It’s good to keep safety and comfort above everything.

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