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How to repair black screen (white screen) problems in Motorcycle Ride Tracker, Moto Navigation For Bikers, Scooters? Black/White Screen isn’t one of those irritating problems in mobile phones, and many times you’ll see a black screen for a couple of seconds. Only then will the app suddenly crash with an error message displayed. You can easily repair this by simply changing or adding some new RAM to your device. In this article, I’ll show you step-by-step how to do that. Just follow these simple steps:

Uninstall All Applications

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Apps like Facebook, MSN, etc., are nothing but junkies which drain your battery power. As a result, your device will run slow. It also doesn’t display any functional interface since these junkie apps load lots of junkie apps to run. We need to remove them from your phone.

Open Your Phone’s “Settings” App

On the bottom panel, find the “Network” setting. Click it and choose “Mobile Data.” Use the appropriate icon to enable cellular data usage in your smartphone. After that, tap the + sign next to that field. Change the setting to “No Cellular Data” so that your device doesn’t use any extra bandwidth to connect to the tracker app.

Open Your Device’s “Settings” App

Again, search for the network setting. Select it and set it to “Cellular Data Only.” This will prevent your smartphone from making any connection to any apps or websites inside your phone. Now, go to your device’s “Apps” folder and uninstall all the junkie apps you have installed there. Open the Tisiphone ride tracker – for bikers, again. If it’s not working properly, here’s what you should do. Tap the “Applications & Tools” icon. Now, touch the section named “Utilities.” Delete all the applications that you have uninstalled.

iPhone Not Working Well?

If your iPhone is not functioning properly anymore, please check for one last thing. Make sure you’re not leaving any application on your smartphone after you finish installing it. You might have accidentally left an important program running in the background when you install an app. Please make sure to restart your device after uninstalling an app. Otherwise, the app won’t be able to work properly again.

Check The Settings

Once you have successfully installed the motorcycle ride tracker – for bikers, please check the settings again. Turn off the GPS features. If the system is still on, try resetting the unit. If that doesn’t work, then there’s a very high possibility that there’s something wrong with your iPhone. You need to contact Apple or some other reliable iPhone repair company to have it fixed.

In summary

Please make sure you’re not leaving any dirt bike apps on your device while you’re not near your motorcycle. This will cause serious errors. Make sure to backup all your files before you uninstall any app. When you’re on your mobile device, turn off the GPS feature. It’s recommended to download the free ride tracker apps to help you enjoy your rides even more.

What’s Next?

Now that you have installed the iPhone ride tracker – for bikers, please check the settings. Turn off the GPS feature if it’s already on. If this step doesn’t work, then there’s a very high chance that there’s something wrong with your iPhone. You need to contact Apple or some reliable iPhone repair company to have it fixed. If you’re not a technical-minded person, you can use the free apps to help you detect unsafe and unauthorized riders.

Check Your Mobile Data Connection

Make sure your iPhone has enough storage to accommodate the downloaded files. Open the Essex app on your iPhone and locate the tab labeled “Mobile Data Connection.” If the icon isn’t there, then there’s a good chance that your data connection isn’t working properly.

You can also try other apps

However, if free sex or other such apps don’t work, it’s time to look for professional mobile data connection services. The best thing to do is visit a local or online shop that offers such services. They should be able to install iPhone apps on your phone quickly and effortlessly. If they charge you for this, then don’t even think about getting one.

Summing Up

With iosex on your iPhone, you can now go anywhere you’d like to go – without worrying about being trapped somewhere among the wild animals. There’s no more need to worry about your beloved bike because your cell phone knows where it’s at all times. You can check out your favorite spots, rides and routes – right from your home or work computer. An ideal way to show your wife or loved one how much you love him or her is by installing Essex on your iPhone – and make sure your loved one knows just how much you care for him or her by installing the best motorcycle ride tracker app on his or her phone. This will let your loved one know how much you care about his or her hobby.

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