Long Distance Biking Tips

long distance biking tips

As a beginner biker, you may have some difficulty in biking long distances. But with the following tips, you will be able to bike like a pro.

Pedal Smart

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If you start pedaling at a good speed right from the start, you will eventually tire out. The trick is to pedal efficiently, i.e., not too hard and in a manner that it won’t strain your legs. Ride with a easier gear offering high cadence because in a gear offering low cadence, the pedals are tough to turn. Next, you need to maintain your cadence at 90 RPM, so as to give a break to your muscles. 

Eat and Drink Well

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A long bike ride requires proper nutrition and hydration. Your goal should be to drink a bottle an hour depending upon your exertion level. You can even mix something in water for added flavor or energy, but that is not necessarily required. Eat a bite or two of food every 15 minutes and keep this pattern consistent to provide you with enough energy. After 2 hours, you can take a break and stop to have a snack.

Use the Rule of Thirds

If you are still overwhelmed with the thought of a long ride, you can divide it into three or more small segments of equal distances. Keep in mind that the first segment will feel quite easy and the second one will make you feel as if your muscles are working.

Ride with the Wind

Wind can a friend or an enemy for cyclists. If you find a tailwind at the start, roll easy. It means that you will get a headwind on the way home. Stick together at the time of your headwind stretches with the others in your group, so that you can take turns being at the front, thereby providing shelter to the others.

Plan Ahead for Emergencies

When you bike for long distances, the probability and possibilities of trouble increase. It is good to be prepared during your ride to prevent any kind of problem. Carry gear to fix at least two flat tires, a mini tool and a cell phone. You will also need cash and your ID.

Riding Tips

Periodically change your hand positions, keeping the thumbs wrapped around the brake lever or bar for added security. In order to relieve your neck and shoulders, remember to shrug for 5 to 10 seconds every one hour. If you can see a clear stretch of road ahead, raise one hand between your shoulders for a few seconds and then repeat the same with the other hand. Stand up and drop one pedal keeping your leg straight. You can let your heel sag when in this position. Hold on to this position for 20 seconds and repeat with the other leg then.

These are some of the important biking tips for long distances. These should be followed by newbies and seasoned riders as well.

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