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measure bike frame

No matter what, if a user/rider is going for a long ride or tooling around the town, he/she should wear a helmet to safeguard themselves under crucial situations. Insurance Institute for Highway Safety states that head injuries play a major role mostly in motorcycle accidents when the riders do not use helmets. But with using Helmets, it is identified that 50% of head injuries are reduced and other injuries in the Face, Neck, Head, etc. are reduced at the rate of 33%. Likewise, every bike accessory matters for a safe ride, starting to bike frame to LED light to helmets.

Measure Bike Frame – Some Bikes First

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Suzuki Gixer SF Fi

• The excellent Suzuki Gixxer SF is a completely faired 155cc motorcycle which was developed in the likewise wind-tunnel within which the legendary sport bike such as Hayabusa and MotoGP were developed.

• Gixxer has been devised to yield highest wind protection to the biker, lessening turbulence and drag, thereby delivering exceptional aerodynamic efficiency.

• Facilities such as ABS, automatic headlamp, SEP technology, aerodynamic sport fairing, seven-step adjustable rear mono shock suspension, and 41mm large diameter front forks adds up to its uniqueness on Indian roads.


• KTM has a displacement of 373.20 cc with a maximum power of 42.30 brake horsepower and a 35Nm torque with a manual shifting of six gear system.

• The bike is made environment-friendly by following the BS4 emission requirements and hence adds up to the benefits of choosing sportbike.

• Integrated blinkers, Thin tail fitting, racing looks, LCD display, triple clamps, and telescopic fork are its key features.

More Bike Accessories Details

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Mongoose impasse dual full suspension bicycle is one of the full-suspension mountain bikes. The Columbia 1952 is provided with a guard near the pedals to cover the running chain so that the rider may not get pant cuffs while riding. This feature is also available on many road bikes for sale.


The seat of Firmstrong Urban Lady Alloy Single Speed Beach Cruiser Bicycle offers an amazing and superior comfort level with dual springs. The seat is oversized for comforting any rider for their comfortable ride with this road bicycle.


Handlebars of this road bicycle are ergonomically designed with some optimum handling features and a rubberized grip of synthetic leather is provided for ease of handling.


The bikes are equipped with 26-inch tires and are wide enough to tackle any bumps with an aluminum rim. Better than other cheap bikes. Better than any other cheap road bikes.

LED light

The Columbia 1952 Men’s Retro Tank Cruiser Bicycle is equipped with a LED light at the front for the user to go out for beach outing at night and night exploration of the city. Not available in every road bike for sale or mountain bikes for sale.


It is very necessary to be aware of the documentation and legal procedures to purchase a used bike. Bikes have been fun for some and for some they have been a necessity. In any country, the basic tip to sell a used bike is to perform it legally with the consent of the authorities.

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