Mountain Bike Frame Size Chart – What You Need to Know When Buying a Mountain Bike

mountain bike frame size chart

A mountain bike size chart is a helpful tool to help you find the right size for your mountain bike. There are many different kinds of mountain bikes and the sizing may be different from manufacturer to manufacturer. The chart can be used to find the proper size by using some basic information such as the frame length, the handlebar height, the crank length and the seat angle. These are the basics and there is no reason that you need to know anything else beyond that. You will just need to know what you are looking for in a mountain bike.

Set Up With Letter Of Alphabet Followed By Numbers

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A mountain bike frame size chart is typically set up with a letter of the alphabet followed by numbers. Each of the numbers corresponds to a letter of the alphabet, which represents the type of bicycle. So, if you have a rimless category bike then the chart would read “rider’s name” followed by a number that corresponded to that particular category.

The top of the chart has sizes for men and women and then the chart descends a bit for the children’s sizes. The sizes of the wheels and the crank are also listed so that you can get a better idea of the correct sizes. In addition to the chart there is usually a small section at the bottom that lists suggested retail prices so that you can get an idea of what the prices are for particular bikes before actually going out to the store to buy one.

Way Of Measuring Their Bikes

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Some cyclists find it useful to have a way of measuring their bikes before they buy them. A top tube measurement is an easy way to determine the proper sizing. This measurement is taken from the top tube of the bike down to the ground. The measurement is done a few inches above the ground and again a few inches below the ground. You want the measurement to be close to twenty-five inches. If the top tube is more than twenty-five inches, you will want to make adjustments until you find a frame that fits you well.

Look At The Seat Tube Length Of The Bike

Next we’ll take a look at the seat tube length of the bike. Most bikes offer a seat tube length of sixteen inches. If your preference is a longer top tube you should measure from the top tube to the seat tube or to the ground. Once you get this measurement, add one inch to both measurements to get the length of the bike. A seat tube that is too long will cut off air flow under the bike causing it to be under powered while a seat tube that is too short will feel unstable and uncomfortable.


Once you have the right frame size for your body type and preferred riding position you will need to choose the right saddle height. Some riders like to use taller saddles while others prefer the top tube to be lower. You will also want to select the right flex. The higher the flex, the more responsive the frame will be. This will allow you to be in control of your climb without losing control of yourself when you are climbing.

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