Phone Bike Ride Tracker That Can Make The Riding Seem Easier

phone bike ride tracker

Since we have been struck at homes at this time of the pandemic, people have been focussing on themselves a little more- be it meditation, and reading novels which are inclined more toward their mental well being, some people have taken their physical endurance and stamina up, one of the most rigorous activities is riding a bike, which helps us maintain our shape and stay fit. Phone bike ride trackers are trackers on your phone that help us track our activity through applications.

The Need Of Phone Bike Ride Tracker

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The Phone bike ride trackers are essential as they have succeeded in integrating technology with cycling. The Phone bike ride trackers are not just necessary to track our progress, it measures and shows us the no of kilometers/ miles one has traveled in given time duration. The phone bike ride trackers even let the person know the pace at which he has cycled, this acts as a motivational tool for many. Due to these devices, people are motivated to maintain their health and stay fit.

Popular Applications


There are a variety of phone bike ride trackers available in the app stores and play stores. Some of the most popular and well-rated phone bike ride trackers are listed below

1) Strava- This is one of the most popular phone bike ride tracker, this is because it comes with a GPS enabled cycle tracker. It has a wide range of functions and also lets the individual maintain their profiles with their daily activities; it allows the user to connect with different cyclists as well and induces healthy competition among them. This is the perfect phone bike ride tracker app, as it does not just measure the activity details, distance covered, elevation, time, calories burned, etc. But also engages you socially with other cyclists and offers various challenges.

2) Endomondo- This is also a phone bike ride tracker, this app can be used to measure almost every sport concerning the distance covered. It gives various specifics as well, such as duration, speed, distance, etc. The app also consists of a training diary which helps us keep track of our progress.

3) Ride with GPS- this is also an interesting phone bike ride tracker, but it has only been made available on android devices. It tracks one’s progress. Another quite good feature is the fact that this offers GPS technology which gives you riding directions as well.

4) Google maps.

5) Mapmyride app.

Pros Of Using Phone Bike Ride Trackers

1) These phone bike ride tracker apps are user friendly.

2) They are all powered by Google and hence their location and details are quite precise.

3) They track heart rates as well.

4) They have an audio feedback feature as well.

5) They have features that tell an individual the calories they have burned.

6) Tracks the elevation zones.

7) Consists of socially engaging features and sharing one’s progress as well, which leads to healthy competition.


The phone ride bike trackers are essential to track the progress an individual has made, they come with various social features that make people share their stats and interact and help them compete and get fitter, they have various features that help them measure their speed, distance covered, time, etc. It helps them keep track and improve their performance, Hence, the phone bike ride trackers are essential and must be on every individual’s phones.

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