Ride Tracker Android Apps That You Must Know

ride tracker android

Riding a bike is one of the finer things in life and it is great for transportation and also to get in the exercise that you need. There are some ride tracker android apps that you need so that your ride becomes easier and faster. Also, these allow you to meet people who also ride their bikes and you can also race with them. Some of these apps can also link up with your fitness devices so that you can get the optimum experience and this is the list of the apps that you can use for the same purpose.

Map My Ride

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This is one of the best apps that you can use to track your rides and you can easily track your way with the help of this one. The app has 40 million users which makes it one of the top apps in the world. You can save and find routes with the help of this amazing app. The best part is that you can sync this app with many other devices so that you can track your fitness easily. You can upgrade to the premium version if you want the personalized training plans and the live tracking feature as well. In fact you can also stay updated regarding your pace and distance after every mile so that you can see where you have to work harder to achieve the desired goals. You will love all the features that this outstanding app offers to you and it is highly rated on the app store as well.


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This app is like Google Maps for all the cyclists and it allows you to navigate your distance in the safest way and in the limited time possible. It allows you to plan your way and also helps you get there in an efficient manner which is great. This app chooses the right path for you according to the levels of fitness which is great. It also tells you the kind of surfaces that you are going to encounter on the way and how many hurdles will arrive in your way. It makes your ride very easy and you will feel that you do not need to have any other app except this one. Also, you can take photos from within this app which makes it even better than the other apps.


This is the one app that you use when you are riding the mountain bikes. It becomes easier for you to navigate your way with the help of this app. You can easily use this and this will tell you the skills that you need to ride on the terrain. This also shows the elevation profiles so that you can get a tentative idea about it and so that navigating becomes simple for you.


These are the top ride tracker android apps that you can download and these ride tracker android apps are great for navigation. You will find these apps simple to use and also these give you all the information that you need. These will make riding more fun for you and you will see that it has simplified everything a lot.

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