Ride With GPS For Smart Transportation

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If you are looking for a new GPS Navigation System for your car, the free Ride With GPS application would be a good first choice. Ride With GPS is an attractive full-featured program that focuses heavily on map publishing and route tracking functionality. There’s also an easy to use free version available, allowing you to test premium features such as turn-by-turn voice navigation, offline maps, and detailed route revision prior to upgrading to a paid membership. You’ll find detailed information on Ride With GPS in our blog.

An Overview

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Map creation is extremely easy using this simple to use interface. Simply select a destination and the system will generate a customized road map, complete with detailed street-level views. The map can be sorted by distance and displayed in an interactive map format that enables you to zoom and pan the map. To see just the city you want to visit, simply click on the “Get Directions” button and you are provided with a comprehensive list of all nearby attractions and points of interest. You can even book a hotel using the Ride With GPS app.

Routes can be customised using one of several Ride With GPS features. You can create a custom ride report using one of several predefined routes. With the Ride With GPS app you can generate a personalized, unique ride report including arrival times, pickup locations, pickup points, drop-off points and more. These reports make it easy to generate sales leads and increase your revenue streams.

Great Version Of These Apps 

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Detailed turn-around times and real-time traffic information are provided by the premium version of this application. This includes live logging of vehicle positions to enable you to view where vehicles are on the road at any point in time during your ride. Real-time vehicle location information provides you with important trip information such as the speed that your driver is driving and the direction in which they are traveling. Map of this vehicle’s current position is also available in this premium service. Map of this vehicle’s predicted location is also provided in premium Ride With GPS service.

The premium version of Ride With GPS offers two additional features. One is the Route Planner feature which helps you to plan routes on the fly. Based on current traffic and real-time traffic data, you can select the most convenient routes. The other feature is the Route Shaper feature which automatically creates optimal routes in accordance with your current location and traffic conditions. Both these features greatly assist in saving fuel and making your rides more enjoyable.

Route planner and route paper can be used independently or in combination with Ride With GPS premium service. They work together to help you plan your rides efficiently. For example, a ride to the beach would require you to scan a location-specific, road-finding app for beach-specific information. Once the location is identified, it can be used by the Ride With GPS premium map application to find all the nearby attractions, restaurants, shops and so on. Once you are at the destination, the map can also indicate the nearest hotels, gas stations, ATMs, and so on. This allows you to make optimum use of city driving routes while minimizing your travel time.

Awesome Features 

The second feature is route editing, which lets you view a detailed overview of your recent travels in a separate Ride With GPS account. You can create different views for each destination and use the one that is most convenient to you. If you change the route to go to a totally different place, the app will automatically update your account accordingly. This saves you time and effort in checking out the details of several destinations when you are planning a ride.

This interactive, fully functional app is easy to use and provides accurate information about your current location and current road and traffic conditions. It is an ideal companion to your GPS device as it guides you through unfamiliar areas, offers suggestions based on your current location and provides route recommendations for your next adventure. Users can save their favorite places and events and share them with friends via the social media platform built into the Android operating system. 


The Ride With GPS application can also be used as a mobile phone or tablet interface to the dedicated Garmin GSM software that comes with the handheld Garmin GPS devices. The integration of the map, route planner and other pertinent information into your phone gives you real time GPS directions to any location, even on the go.

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