Simple Guide To Cleaning Your Bike Gears

cleaning bike gears

Over we are hearing the cry, “let’s clean the grease off the back of my bike.” Likewise, we hear the complaint, “My rear wheel is completely gummed up.” We are all guilty of this sin against bike maintenance. But for some reason, bicycle mechanics never seem to take it seriously.

The gears on a mountain bike chain are a very important component of your bike. They make the bike run smoothly. They keep you on the road. If your bike chain is not in top condition, you can be subject to skid marks and accidents. You should clean the chain often. The best tool for cleaning it is a Bluetooth printer.

A Bluetooth Printer

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Using a Bluetooth printer to clean the chain of your mountain bike is simple. You attach it to your bike with the right connection. Your mountain bike will start up and print a trail map of the chains and links that are attached. You can then mark them so you know where to put them. To clean the back, you just remove the trail map and pull the chain off.

The sprockets on the front of your bike are easy to clean too. They can be removed by putting them on your Bluetooth printer. Just mark the sprocket you want to remove and use the proper tool. Then you just remove the chain and the sprocket with the correct wrench.

A Hurricane Spin Mop

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Another thing that will give you trouble while cleaning the bike chain is a hurricane spin mop. A good way to clear the chains without having to use the mop is by putting the sprockets on the lowest grit sandpaper. Use a sharp metal scissor to cut off any excess dirt before spinning it with your mig welder. It will take some time to do this, but you will have a beautiful chain shine to look at when you are riding on the trails.

If you are using the hurricane spin mop on your Spartan helmet, you will need to soak it in some warm soapy water for a few minutes. This will loosen any dirt or grease you have on the helmet. Once you have removed the water, you can put the helmet on and shake it until dirt is completely gone. You will need to repeat this step for each side of the helmet to ensure you have removed all of the dirt or grease from every inch of the mop.

Clean The Chain With A Rag

For the chains, you will need to make a solution consisting of one part vinegar and two parts water. Apply this solution to the chain and let it sit for about five minutes. After the time is up, clean the chain with a rag. Then, run your chain through the cranks and spin them to clean the chain.

Once you have finished cleaning the chains, you will need to check the other gears. Remove the chain that goes on your bike. Wash it in the sink according to the direction of the teeth. Next, take out the toothbrush and scrub the chain until the surface is clean. Rinse it off and dry it before putting it back on.

A Sponge Or Soft Cloth And Scrub

Your bike’s chainrings should be clean as well. Take a sponge or soft cloth and scrub them down to remove the dirt. Dry them with another cloth before putting them back on the sprocket. This will prevent the chain from having too much dirt buildup and make your riding experience much more pleasant. Before you put your bike away, make sure the chain is completely dried. There are times when dirt or mud will buildup on the chains. If this happens, you can easily remove it by using a small brush.

Take a soft bristled scrubber and scrub the chains to loosen up the dirt or mud. After the scrubbing is done, use a large brush to clean the chains. Make sure to remove all of the dirt before putting them back on the sprocket. Last, but not least, inspect your bike chain to make sure that there are no problems. Cleaning chains can be done by using soap and water. Use the mildest soap you can find and do a very good job of cleaning the chain. Wipe any remaining dirt or mud from the chain with a clean cloth and then rinse it with water.


Cleaning your bike’s gears is an important task to keep it in good condition. The best way to clean your bike’s gears is to utilize the cleaning supplies we have listed above. If you need to clean your bike’s brakes, take it to a local dealership that offers aftermarket service. They will be able to give you a good warranty for the equipment. Otherwise, you can take care of the problem yourself by purchasing a quality set of chain oil, brake fluid, and a new wheel after each ride.

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