The Adrenaline Junkie Guide – Are You One Of Them?

The Adrenaline Junkie Guide - Are You One Of Them?

Have you ever heard of the term ‘adrenaline junkie?’ I bet you must have heard at some point in time if you love riding bikes and taking risks while doing so. While this might give you immense pleasure, not always is being an adrenaline junkie good for health. Extreme cases of love for taking risks is also sometimes termed as a ‘disorder.’ Read this article to find out if you are one of them and whether you need to keep the risk factor in check or not.

Who Is An Adrenaline Junkie?

The Adrenaline Junkie Guide – Are You One Of Them?

Sometimes, due to the need for physiological stimulation, people tend to seek out ways to satisfy that stimulation. In order to do so, many people choose to perform tasks that involve a high-risk factor and those that can trigger their neurological senses and calm the stimulation. These people are called adrenaline junkies. But many people even want to get their sensations peaked when they are under a lot of stress. For such people, the urge to feel the heat has turned into a disorder and it is time that they seek out medical help.

The term “adrenaline junkie” was first used in the film ‘Point Break’ to refer to people who love to indulge in high-risk activities. Many times even bikers are coined the same because they often tend to seek out difficult routes for their journey.

How Do You Know If You Are One Of Them?

If you are a biker and you tend to love the following things, there are chances that you might be one of the junkies.

  • You are always flexible to change; in fact, you even love it.
  • There is always a strong desire in you for trying out complex things – like going on rides on a complex route.
  • Challenges always lure you towards them and you often end up in different challenges against various known and unknown people.
  • As an adrenaline junkie, you are always spontaneous and impulsive. You are always eager to go on unplanned trips to unknown locations and can leave for the trip within an hour. Besides, the darkness of the night also never scares you and you can ride alone.
  • Your curiosity to travel to new places often lands you in difficult positions. Nevertheless, you are always ready to go on another such trip completely careless of what you will land in.

One of the most misunderstood facts about the urge to feel the adrenaline rush is that it involves a life-threat. No one can ignore the fact that it involves a lot of risks. But, at the same time, it does not always include a life-threat. Many bikers feel excited and energized and it spices up their lives.

Ways Not To Be Worried About Being An Adrenaline Junkie

The Adrenaline Junkie Guide - Are You One Of Them?
The Adrenaline Junkie Guide – Are You One Of Them?

The love for risks does not necessarily need worrying about. But, since it is always better to be safe than taking precautions, you should note the following things.

  • Always wear the necessary biking gear before going on a ride. The helmet is the most important of these gears which should always be present while riding.
  • Try to follow the speed limit when it is specifically mentioned. There is a reason why the limit is mentioned and the tendency to cross it might put your life in danger.
  • While choosing the routes for riding, do not always settle for difficult, inaccessible roads. The riders who involve themselves in such sports are always under supervision. Involving yourself in riding on difficult roads might land you in unnecessary troubles. Try to ride on designated tracks to be safe.

The Bottom Line

Thrill-seeking can be exciting as long as you do not cross any limits. Being an adrenaline junkie can be quite similar to being a drug addict. So make sure to stay well within your limits and keep yourself and others safe.

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