The Best Mount for Camera! Perfectly Designed to Get a Stable Shot So Don’t Settle for Anything Less

Everything these days is videotaped and shared, even mountain biking. In the last decade, action cameras have become a common sight among mountain bikers. At this time, there isn’t a rider who doesn’t have one strapped to their helmet or handlebars, and contrary to popular belief, there are a plethora of firms producing cameras at various rates and with varying levels of technology.

Even if mountain biking is your getaway from a device-saturated world. Action cameras, like all other digital gadget technology, have evolved at a breakneck pace. There is no better way to learn a new trail than to methodically replay someone else’s footage before riding it. 

For instructors and riders looking to improve their cornering and technical riding posture, a video depicting you doing it incorrectly is far more persuasive than a few words of advice.

But, these action cameras also need support that can connect to their helmet. 

So, here is the best choice for you. 

Curved Mounting Bracket For Helmet Camera

This curved mounting bracket is designed to attach your action camera to a variety of smooth, rounded surfaces, not only helmets. 

This interface allows you to rotate the camera 360 degrees and tilt it, guaranteeing that you get the best camera perspective possible, even if you’re installing it on a sloping surface. Allows you to place your camera in a low-profile position on the front of your helmet, similar to a headlamp. Also allows for self-portrait films and images by extending the camera out in front of the helmet.

This bracket is not only attractive to helmets but also to other smooth surfaces. 

Purchase your Curved Mounting Bracket For Helmet Camera today.


  • Material: PC, Metal
  • Size: 15 x 10 cm
  • Package includes:
  • (2) Long screw
  • (1) Short screw 
  • (1) Activity base
  • (1) Curved base with 3m glue
  • (1) Long and short links
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  • Your camera is securely and safely held in place by the support frame.
  • It also enables fairly clear shots/recordings.
  • It is made of high-quality, long-lasting materials that will not break easily.
  • It is easily attached to helmets with a smooth surface.
  • It enables a first-person view of the action as well as a self-portrait photo.
  • The mount has a three-prong connector that works with all GoPro original housings and frames, as well as a variety of third-party mounting accessories.
  • It attaches to the front of your helmet and lets you turn the camera in any direction to get a first-person perspective of the action.
  • Heat can be used to quickly remove and reuse the mounts.
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  • There is a possibility that it wouldn’t fit with every type of helmet. 


If you have a passion for mountain cycling and recording your adventure in your camera, this mounting bracket is the best suited for you

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