The Extreme Sport Of Road Biking

The Extreme Sport Of Road Biking

Road biking is an extreme sport that requires dedicated training and practice. In fact, it is incredibly dangerous if you attempted it without proper training.

However, on the other hand, it is an extreme sport that can really get your adrenaline rushing. Thus, many adventure and thrill-seekers make this their hobby and even their profession. An extreme sport is something that pushes you to the limits physically, mentally, psychologically, and emotionally. You will actually be surprised at how a road bike can be so extreme.

Extreme Sport Activities

The Extreme Sport Of Road Biking
The Extreme Sport Of Road Biking

Unlike other extreme sports like bungee jumping or sky diving, road biking is not an empty thrill but an endurance test. Furthermore, you can choose from a variety of activities. These include, extreme long-distance riding, stunt biking, stand dune basing and scaling a rock face.

With this, the next thing is to pick your activity and learn the skill that supports it. For instance, one of the most prevalent types of road biking is hill climbing. This is an extreme sport where you jump off cliffs with your bike. Consequently, this helps you to gradually get used to pushing yourself to the limits with your bike.

Hill Climbing Tips

Although this sounds a bit tamer and not extreme, it can prove to be the toughest and most extreme form of road biking. In fact, it actually had been labeled by riders as suffering that tests your fitness, lung capacity, muscle capacity, and heart to the maximum. Therefore, it is not for the faint-hearted and requires mental strength. In line with this, here are some tips or hacks you can use while attempting this extreme sport:

  • Sit down in your saddle and climb as it is easier to maintain stability.
  • Keep your body still and arms relaxed without expelling more energy.
  • Don’t forget to breathe and pace yourself without going into oxygen deprivation.
  • Start out gently and well-paced using lower gears.
  • Fuel up correctly by eating a piece of food every hour and keeping hydrated

Moreover, you can work on your fitness and cardio as your lungs and heart have to work hard here. Furthermore, it is easier to climb with lesser body fat. Moving on, other extreme sports such as BMX use road bikes as well and can be immensely thrilling and even less physically demanding.

The Extreme Sport Of BMX Riding

The Extreme Sport Of Road Biking
The Extreme Sport Of Road Biking

Many extreme biking stunts such as jumping, gliding, and spinning use BMX bikes. Conversely, this is considered the best stunt bike out there and has been used to scale hills and jump from one cliff to another. However, before you get on the bike there are a few factors to consider. These include:

  • The right bike size for your height
  • The right multi-purpose bike for the flatland, the park, the street and dirt paths.
  • The right brand of bikes that will last you longer and be durable when used roughly.

Lastly, you need to consider picking up the right safety gear as well. These include shoes, helmets, gloves, elbow, and knee protection.

To sum up, road biking is an extreme sport that can push your limits and test your metal in various ways. Also, apart from the ones mentioned here, there are so many extreme things like off-roading through rough terrains and even rocky river banks that road bikes can do.

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