Things To Consider Before Choosing Bike Frame Size For Height

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Road or mountain bikes are very economical and environment-friendly products. In this pandemic, the best choice would be to get a bike and cycle in a quiet place on your own. If you are looking for a road or mountain bike to buy this summer, here are some things that you should keep in mind about bike frame size for height. The most convenient method to buy a bike is online, given the current situation. But for this, you need to consider the Bike Frame Size for Height very carefully. There are also many online calculators that will help you get the right Bike Frame Size for Height.

Decide What You Want

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The first important task is to research well and decide what kind of bike you want. This choice depends entirely on your needs, desires and of course, the kind of place that you live in. if you live in the plains or terrains, then road bikes would be the best choice. If you live in a hilly area, then consider buying a mountain bike, which is much smaller than road bikes.

Use Your Height To Measure

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The next important step is to use your current height to consider the Bike Frame Size for Height. Use a general bike frame size chart to consider your size. This method is helpful if you’re buying the bike online.

The general bike frame size for the height chart for road bikes is given here for your reference:

Height Size in inches  Standard size

4’10’’- 5’2’’      47cm-48cm           XX-Small5’2’’ – 5’6’’49cm- 48cm          X- Small5’3’’- 5 6’’         51cm-53cm           Small 5’6’’- 5’9’’           54cm-55cm          Medium 5’9’’- 6’0’’           56cm- 58cm       Large 6’0’’-6’3’’               58cm- 60cm          X- Large 6’3’’-6’6’’            61cm- 63cm         XX-Large 

The general Bike Frame Size for Height chart for mountain bikes is given below:

Height Size in inches  Standard size

4’10’’- 5’ 2’’      13’’-14’’X-Small5’ 2’’ – 5’6’’15’’-16’’Small5’ 6’’- 5’ 10’’         17’’-18’’           Medium5’10’’- 6’ 1’’19’’-20’’Large6’1’’- 6’4’’         21’’-22’’     X- Large 6’4’’- 6’6’’         22’’-24’’          X- Large 

Calculate The Bike Size Yourself

Another easier and foolproof method is to calculate the Bike Frame Size for Height yourself. For this, you need to stand with your feet, about 20cm apart and measure the height from your upper thigh to the ground. Multiply this length with 0.66, if you want a mountain bike and with 0. 70, if you want a road bike.

Get The Correct Saddle Height

Correct saddle height is very important in considering Bike Frame size for height, especially for mountain bikes. In case the saddle is too low, then there will not be much force applicable by the riders, especially during races. The best method to get the right saddle height is by leaning to the wall, placing your elbow on the bike. Then try to put your foot to the lowest ground parallelly. You should be able to move the saddle easily with a good bend in the knee. You can solve this problem, in case your knee doesn’t bend properly, by adjusting the seat.


It is very important to get the correct Bike Frame Size for Height. Make sure to use the charts and calculate your size before purchasing your bike.

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