Tips For Choosing a Beach Cruiser Bike With Gears and Tires

beach cruiser bike with gears

Beach cruisers are a great way to enjoy the beauty of Southern California’s coastline. These bikes have a light frame and are geared to be easy to maneuver on smooth ocean waves. They are the perfect bikes for wave riders who want to ride along the beach’s edge, or just ride across the water’s edge on a flat stretch. The Beach Cruiser bike was designed by pro surfers so they can ride on the beach and still perform well in waves that would tear other road bikes apart. Let’s look at how these bikes work.

Know About Typical Beach Cruiser

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A typical Beach Cruiser has three gears and a big brake in the back. These are what let you ride downhill as well as ride across the water. The gear ratio between your wheels and the pedals is one: one. This means that each of your wheels can handle only one brake and the pedal can only do one job – provide traction.

When it comes to riding on the smooth, open waters of Southern California, you’ll need a bike with some real “oomph” (whatever that means). That’s why most companies include some kind of “splashguard” on their models. You see, if you ride on a typical beach cruiser bike with classic cruiser tires and standard single speed transmissions, you’re going to be pretty much surfing the same “shore”. And since most single speed coasting bikes don’t come with the kind of splash guards that modern cruisers have, you’re going to be riding over the sand.

You Will Get Ripped Off

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This means that if you ride on any bike with standard single speed transmissions, you will get ripped off. Most companies designed their bikes with steel frame frames that are difficult to roll over. But as a result, when you try to slow down, the gears just won’t move quickly enough to provide a smooth ride. A typical beach cruiser has a steel frame with standard single speed transmissions, so you can expect a smooth ride – at least until you stand on the tire about to go over.

Ride On A Longboard With The Appropriate Gear

On a longboard, there is a way to solve this dilemma. You should always ride on a longboard with the appropriate gear. This gear changes automatically depending on the speed of the wheels, which means that there is no requirement for riders to change gears unless they want to change direction. The gear changes take place at the rear wheels with the help of the suspension and the optimum rear wheel drive is provided by the strong backside and soft front wheels.

Longboarders should also think about getting rear coaster brakes. This provides a very solid brake system for a smoother ride. However, these systems have disadvantages: they require lots of strength and they have to be mounted on a rigid part of the board. They aren’t suitable for wet conditions.

Last Words

If you want to make the most of your riding experience, you should get a cruiser bike with superior tires. In fact, you should get the ideal tires for the ideal conditions. The best way to choose the right tire for the right conditions is to ride on them for a while before you compare them. Ideally, you should also get high quality wheels because wheels will play a greater role in determining how fast you can ride. For example, if you ride on roads with very soft tires, you should go for high quality tires with maximum weight capacity.

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