Tips to Help Me Measure Your Kids Bike Frame Size

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In this article, you will see a brief video showing how easy it is to measure bike frame size with the use of your multimeter. I am sure that you don’t need me to tell you that a multimeter is an indispensable tool for anyone who is interested in anything technical, but if you don’t have any training in electronics, this may be more confusing than useful. I hope that after reading this, you have found this informative and helpful, but in case you are curious about why a multimeter is used, here it goes. Multimeters are used to measure the electrical resistance that is present between two conductors.

You must know that the measurement of the length, height, and width of a frame is expressed as “inches.” You will find that there are many different measurements, which are available on the market. The most common measurement that you will encounter is the “inches” measurement. It refers to the distance between two points on the frame. This is usually measured from the center of the wheel, where the arm span begins to divide.

Measure Bike Frame Size

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You should know that if you want to measure your kid’s bicycle, he or she should ride it for a while before taking his or her measurements. This is so that the wheels and the spacing of the tires are more apparent. You will need to measure the width of the tire from one corner to another and also the spacing between the tires. You can get these measurements from the spokes from the wheel.

The next step is to measure the seat tube of the kid bike you are going to measure. It is important to measure the bottom part of the seat tube at the bottom of the seat tube. You will find that this measurement is expressed as “leg.” To measure the top tube, you should stand upright while holding onto both handlebars. Start measuring from one side of the seat tube to another and make sure that both of the handlebars are in contact with the frame.

The next step to measure your kid is to stand upright and then move back slightly while holding the handlebars firmly. You should measure both the leg length and the seat height. To measure the seat height, just bend down and look at the back of the kid’s pants. You will find that it is a little bit lower than the seat tube leg length measurement.

Things To Consider

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Then, you should measure the radius of the tires from one end to the other. This will help you determine how large of a wheel or tire to mount. You should do this for both the front and rear wheels. If you have a kid who rides a mountain bike, then you should consider measuring the tire radius for each wheel, especially if the kid’s bikes are of different sizes. You can use a tape measure to measure the radius, or you can use a stud finder.

If you want to go by the size charts, then there is an easier way for you to do it. You can buy a graph that shows the sizes as they appear on real bikes, and these are available from many stores. These graphs are very easy to use, and you will get an exact scale. You can also find many mountain bikes and their respective size charts on the internet. Some of the manufacturers offer free online charts for their fans and users, and you should try them out.

Bottom Line

If you want to ensure a perfect fit when it comes to the measurements for the bike, it would be best if you could bring your kid along with you to the local bike shop so that the measurements for the bike can be done properly. You can ask the local bike shop attendant to measure your child, especially if you live close to the store. You can also try to bring your bike along with you when you do your weekly shopping or whenever you do your weekly shopping for your kid at the local bike shop.

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