Top Cycling Live Trackers That Will Help You Know Your Progress

cycling live tracker

Cycling is a great exercise as it helps you lose weight without being stuck at home. It is also very great as you can move from one place to another and take in fresh air so while you pass your time. It is one of the most productive ways to spend your time and gain the most of your workout. You can track your progress with the help of the cycling apps that you can get on your phone. These apps are important if you want to know how many calories you have burnt and other things as well.

The cycling live trackers have come a long way from the recent years. These are some cycling live trackers that you can use easily. All these live trackers are easy to get and you might have to pay some money to use these apps on your phone. All these apps are great as they also help you to know the best routes and the performance that you achieved with the help of your cycling that day.


A stage with an audience

This is one of the top cycling live tracker apps that you can use when you go for your cycling. This app has been developed by athletes for athletes and they can communicate with the other athletes. You can track your performance for that day with the help of this app. You can also track your speed, HRM, elevation, and speed which is very essential. The important thing is that you can also share your progress with the people who you are connected to on this app. You also track the shortest rides such as 1km ones so that you can track your real progress easily. With the routes option you will know the shortest routes or some different routes to reach a certain location.


A brick wall

This is the app that you can use for indoor cycling which is quite revolutionary. You can use it on Android as well as Apple devices. It is an online virtual platform that allows you to move through real cycling routes in this app. With the app you will feel that you are going on the real life routes. If you want to set up this app you need a decent bicycle trainer at home. With this app you can train and also socialise which is a great thing. You will not feel bored when you use this app to cycle indoors and you will feel that you are traveling on the real roads.

Map My Ride GPS

If you are not able to find a decent route for cycling then you can use this app. This app helps you find the route where you can travel easily and it suggests to you the route that you can take that day. It will also analyze your performance in real time with the help of the in-built GPS of your phone. You can know everything from elevation to the calories burned through this app.


These are some cycling live trackers that you can use if you wish to know your performance when you go for cycling. All these apps are great and you might have to pay some money for these apps. You can learn more about these apps on the playstore and these can be downloaded easily.

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