Tune bike gears – Everything That You Should Know

A close up of a wheel

Bike gear is an instrument that is used in cycles to manage the rate at which one pedal and the rate at which the wheel turns. Nowadays cycles have multiple gear systems. Individuals prefer to use a multi-gear cycle as it is more convenient and effective. Using cycle gear efficiently can lower knee damage and help individuals to pedal more efficiently. Hence, it is advised to use a cycle with multiple gears as it helps individuals to pedal more efficiently and reduce the stress on the knee.

Steps for tuning Bike gears

A motorcycle parked on the side of a building

Step 1

A motorcycle parked on the side of a road

Raise the cycle and put it on a stand. The person must be able to spin the wheel of the cycle properly.The person is supposed to keep the cycle upside down. Use a proper stand or support which can keep the cycle stable. If the cycle is unstable then it can be difficult to work on it. Hence, it is vital to use proper support that can balance the cycle properly.

Step 2

Locate the derailleurs of the cycle. This machine helps to physically shift the gears. Clean the derailleurs and make sure that they are clean, no mud or grass should stick to them. Clean the derailleurs with a clean cloth. A soft cloth must be used to clean the derailleurs.

Step 3

Test every gear so that it becomes easier to find the problem. Gears should be checked politely and do not shift the gears or parts too aggressively. This can cause serious damage to the gears.

Step 4

Find the cable adjusters. Follow the cables leading to the derailleurs to find the adjusters, which look like little nuts or barrels surrounding the cables. Clean that part gently as aggressive pressure to parts can cause serious damage to the gears.

Step 5

Shift to the gear that is causing the problem. Remember to shift politely as aggressive pressure to gears can cause serious damage.

Step 6

If the gear is not shifting down after the problem gear, then lose the cable adjuster. This will help to shift the gear down easily. If the problem is with shifting the gear up, then tighten the cable adjuster. This will help to resolve the problem and shift the gear up more efficiently. Individuals must remember to not put any extra pressure against the gears or cable adjuster. This can cause serious damage to the parts.


These are the simple steps that a person can follow at their place to tune bike gears. However, if the problem still precedes, then it is advised to visit a proper mechanic. There might be some issues that only a trained mechanic can fix. It is essential for individuals to not try things on their own in hopes of fixing the gears, they can end up harming them more. Hence, it is essential to visit a proper service center or a well-trained mechanic.

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