Understanding The Concepts On Motorcycle Gears

understanding bike gears

When selecting a bike, firstly you should decide on the type of riding you will be doing. This will help you select the correct gear for your bike. The most important factor when making this decision is what type of surface you will be riding your bike on. If you are riding on a road then you must know that the lower the gear the lower the tire pressure which will require you to lower the pedal speed to achieve the lowest tire pressure.

Benefits Of Understanding Bike Gears

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Understanding bike gears also helps you select the right kind of helmet to wear while cycling. A common mistake made by novice cyclists is wearing a helmet that is not the correct size for their head. This can cause injury to their head if they hit an object while cycling. If you are a beginner then a good way to start understanding bicycle drivetrain is to get a mountain bike.

Once you have a mountain bike then you should know about gears and how they work. A basic understanding of bike gears is that there are five gears in a bike chain. The first two gears are the front derailleurs, which are referred to as the big ring and the back derailleur which is called the small ring. Each of these gears have a particular task. For example, the big ring has a task of applying force to the pedals in order to move them while the small ring applies force to the chain and to the pedals.

Have To Be Matched To The Right Kind Of Shoes

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Understanding bike gears is very important in the sense that they have to be matched to the right kind of shoes to be able to ride. There are three different kinds of bike shoe available and these are the freeline shoes which have no gears, the internal gear which has two gears and lastly the pedal cycle shoes which have only one gear. These three different types of shoe will allow you to have the appropriate type of pedal movement while riding your bike. The most important thing to understand about gears is that there are only three different types. These three different types of gears are the ratio of the teeth to the overall width, the ratio of the teeth at the ratio and the size of the sprocket.

Understanding the purpose of gears helps you to determine what kind of bicycle gear you are using. There are three main types of gears. The first one is the reverse. This gears the bicycle from the back so that it can go in reverse. The other gears are the forward and the anti-reverse gears. The last gears is the multiplier and the anti multiplier gears.

Understanding The Concept Of Shifting

When you understand the concept of shifting and its importance to the sport of cycling, you can start to understand bike gears as well. A very important gear to understand about is the shift gear. The shift gear is very important in cycling because it determines the ratio between the speed of the bicycle and the speed of the rider. It determines whether the cyclist would be pedaling at a high rate or at a low rate. Understanding how the shift bike gears work helps you understand why some cyclists prefer certain gears over others.

Last Words

Finally, knowing the concepts on bike gears will help you determine the right type of cadence for your own personal use. If you want to go fast, then you can choose medium or big gear but if you want to go at a pace that is comfortable for you, then you can go for small or regular gears. Understanding the concepts on cadence will help you ride at your best potential.

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