Which type of electric mountain bike should you buy

Electric Mountain Bike

That really depends on your needs and budget. If you’re looking for a quality, reliable and durable bike that will allow you to explore off the beaten path, then a mid-priced full suspension mountain bike is probably your best option. No matter which type of electric mountain bike you choose, make sure it has a powerful motor and enough battery life to get you through your ride. If you’re looking for something more affordable. There’s a lot of choices out there Which type best suits your needs

Full suspension electric mountain bikes

A bicycle with a mountain in the background

A full suspension (front and rear) MTB is an excellent platform for building your own electric bike. The other benefit is that the weight distribution will be much better than on a hardtail or fat bike, which can suffer from front/rear imbalance due to the unsprung motor weight. As with any project like this we highly recommend choosing a quality kit, such as the Bafang or Brose range, to ensure your bike is reliable and long-lasting. throw at them

Hardtail electric mountain bikes

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A hardtail electric mountain bike is the most popular type. This is because they’re relatively simple to set up and are great value for money. They also offer better efficiency than a full suspension e-bike, due to the lack of moving suspension parts. If you’re looking for an entry-level electric mountain bike, then this is the type to go for.

Mud-plugger electric mountain bikes

A mud-plugger electric mountain bike is perfect if you want to tackle nasty terrain. The wide tires and robust frame can handle anything you throw at it, whether it’s mud, water or rocks. It will allow you to ride places where traditional mountain bikes won’t venture!

Fatbike electric mountain bikes

A fat bike is a bit of an oddity in the world of e-bikes. The tyres are ridiculously wide and unless you have strong reasons for wanting one then we would suggest avoiding this type. If you do want one, then there are usually conversion kits available for converting normal MTBs into fat bikes. We’re yet to see any major manufacturers release an e-fat bike though… You can read more about this here: Why aren’t there more fat e-bikes?

Pedelecs Electric Mountain Bikes

An e-MTB is a mountain bike that has been purpose-built to take advantage of electric power. They usually have a lower gear range than other MTBs, to allow for the extra weight of the battery and motor, and some have built-in suspension lockouts for when you don’t need the extra squish.

E-Bikekit conversion kit electric mountain bikes

The E-BikeKit conversion kit is a popular choice for building an e-bike because it’s relatively easy to install, it comes with everything you need (including the battery) and the weight distribution is exceptional. The downside is that if your bike frame isn’t compatible then you’ll be limited in terms of where you can use it. If this doesn’t put you off though, then get one! It’s by far our most popular product due to its popularity on Amazon.

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