Womens Beach Cruiser Bike With Gears – A Great Exercise Bike

women's beach cruiser bike with gears

If you are a woman who is looking forward to enjoying a nice ride on a bike then you should definitely consider purchasing a women’s beach cruiser bike. Women’s bikes offer the same safety benefits that men’s bikes offer and also they can be much more stylish as well. However, women’s bikes are not as popular or as available as they once were and this is due to many different factors. For example, sales of women’s bikes are not as brisk as they used to be and some bike stores do not even sell them anymore. However, there are ways to get these bikes and find the best deals around.

Finding The Best Womens Beach Cruiser Bike With Gears

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One of the first places to look when looking for a women’s beach cruiser bike is your local bicycle shop. You might not be able to physically see the bike but you can check out what they have and determine if they will meet your needs. In particular, you will want to see the different kinds of beach cruisers that are available and decide which type would be the best one for you. There are actually quite a few different types of beach cruisers to choose from including road bikes and mountain bikes.

Road bikes come in different varieties such as gas cruisers, mountain bikes, dual suspension, and so on. These are all good choices for someone just starting out as they can take some time to get the feel of riding a bike and become accustomed to the different techniques of riding. Another benefit of a road bike is that they normally have gears and brakes so they can be used in various weather conditions. They are not as slim as some of the other types of beach cruisers available but they still offer a great ride. They typically weigh a little less than four hundred pounds and are made from aluminum.

Popular Choices For A Bike

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Mountain bikes usually weigh between five hundred and seven hundred pounds and are a little more sturdy than the road bikes. They tend to have better suspension systems so they usually offer a smoother ride. They also tend to have larger tires and are made from a lighter material than the road bikes. Some mountain bikes have only one tire while others have dual tires.

Another choice for a bike is a dual suspension bike. This is where the rear wheel is connected to the frame via a chain and has both shocks and pedals. These usually weigh between one hundred and two hundred pounds and offer good suspension and comfort. Many of the cruisers offer suspension on both the front and back wheels but this is not always the case.

The tires on these cruisers tend to be very nice and are usually made from a material that offers very good traction. They usually offer about twenty-five percent more grip, then you would find on a road bike and about fifty percent more grip than you would find on a mountain bike. Beach cruisers usually do not have much in the way of suspension. This is why these types of bikes are so great for people who like to go out on the water but don’t like to carry a lot of luggage.

Prices Of Womens Beach Cruiser Bike

The prices of these cruisers vary greatly depending on the size and brand of bike that you choose. These cruisers also come in many different shapes and styles. You can find bikes that look more like regular road bikes with upright handlebars and a headlight. Others have smaller handlebars and a much bigger wheelbase. There are also cruisers that look more like dirt bikes with mud flaps and racks.

Last Words

When it comes to choosing a beach cruiser bike, there really is no wrong choice. You will want to get a bike that offers you plenty of storage room for your belongings as well as comfortable riding. Cruisers are good for rides like downhill, tubing, beaches and can even be used for cross country riding if you choose the right bike.

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